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A Good Scream Short Horror Film | Screamfest
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A Good Scream premiered in Screamfest 2023. An aspiring voice over actress gives it her all when she gets the chance to work with a famous horror director and will stop at nothing to give a good performance, much to the chagrin of her neighbors.

A Good Scream went on to play at many prestigious festivals like Chattanooga Film Fest, Atlanta Horror Film Fest, Montreal Film Fest, FilmQuest, and HorrorHaus Film Fest where it was awarded "Audience Choice" and Fayna won "Best Actress".


Directed by Jack Bennett

Produced by Fayna Sanchez & Jack Bennett

Written by Fayna Sanchez

Main Cast:

Fayna Sanchez, Tony Gatto, Sean Keller, Ben Kaufman, Teri Gamble,

Wesley Caldwell, Jenny Brezinski, Andy Rayner

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